Christ Centered Hate?

I came across an interesting phrase today; “Christ Centered Hate”.

The context was a man who came out at 13 and was removed from youth leadership, ostracized, and eventually left that church. I think his statement is very telling about our culture.

‘Hate’ has become a word that simply means you’re offended that I’m claiming the Bible says what you’re doing is sin.

‘Christ Centered’ is what we as Christ followers and as the Church are supposed to be isn’t it?

One of the Church’s functions is to correct and rebuke sin in it’s members, to restore repentant members, and if necessary, to protect the church by putting out a flagrantly non repentant member.

I have no idea how this man’s church handled this situation, I rather think they did poorly, but the idea I am running across all too frequently is that the church has no business at all correcting a member. I am NOT saying we have any business telling unbelievers how to live.

Christ spent His ministry seeking hurting people, meeting their needs, showing them their need of a savior, then calling them to repentance and obedience.

We should do no less (nor more).

Daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread

With this statement from the model prayer, Jesus gives us the antidote to our modern American culture. I see two points here that apply to me and I’m sure there are others.

“Give us this day”. I’m not to fret about the past for there is nothing I can do to change it. I’m not to worry or focus on the future for it is in His hands. I’m to pay attention to today, this very moment. This moment  is where I live, not in past hurts or future dreams.

“Our daily bread”. This is the antithesis of our culture. It’s a focus on the basics, the simple, the needs as opposed to the wants. Notice He says bread not feast. Much of our thinking and doing is based on how to get more. Bigger house. Bigger car. Better job. Better spouse. Super Sized everything.

Everything except a better me.

Jesus’call is to come to Him daily and be content with what He chooses to give me.