This afternoon I passed a sad scene.

A motorcycle rider and passenger down on the freeway. She was hurt and screaming while responders tried to help her. He wasn’t moving and the responders were very still around him. My guess is that he passed from this world. It was the second death scene I’ve seen this week.

One minute they’re riding and having fun in the warm afternoon sun. The next he’s facing the consequences of all of his life’s choices.

One thing is absolutely certain; we will all, each one of us, be there one day. We may go quickly in a wreck. We may go slowly and painfully through a terrible disease. We may go peacefully in our sleep one night. But we will all die.

The Bible says that when we die we will stand before God and be judged, either rewarded or condemned, for our choices. Not in how we lived or what we did or did not do. Not whether we were nice or mean. We will not be graded on a curve.

The Bible says that based on ourselves, we are all infinitely guilty. It says that each of us deserves eternal condemnation, because every single one of us is a rebel against God.

But God loves us so much that even in our rebellion He made a way for us to be forgiven and brought back into a right relationship with Himself. That way is through Jesus.

We will be judged based solely on one thing: Did we accept His forgiveness through Jesus and begin living life as His child?