Performance Skill Proficiency Expectation
Passing Understand the procedures for safely passing another vehicle.
Pedestrians Be aware of pedestrians and exercise proper caution when pedestrians are present.
Two Lane Highway Understand the safety risks of two lane highways.
Railroad Crossings Abide by the railroad crossing policy in the Team Rules.  (See Team Rules attached)
Truck Stops/ Parking Lot Safety Understand the hazards at truck stops and how to avoid them.
Roadside Inspections Understand proper conduct at roadside inspections. Must report inspection results immediately to Safety.
Fuel Spills Know the procedures for containing and reporting  fuel spills.
Know and Understand Team Rules Know the Team Rules and have a copy with him/her while on duty.
Safe Lifting Understand how to use safe lifting techniques to avoid injury.
Safe Parking Understand where to park the truck safely.