Performance Skill Proficiency Expectation

PTDI 06-couple-trailer

PTDI 07-uncouple-trailer

Demonstrate safe coupling/uncoupling to trailer to include electrical & air-line hook ups.
Vehicle Handling/Size and Weight Restrictions Driver must know regulations on gross and axle weights per DOT.  Driver must be able to adjust tandems to make weight and demonstrate proficiency at this task.
Night Driving

PTDI 14-identify-and-adjust-to-difficult-and-extreme-driving-conditions

Driver should adjust speed and following distance for night driving.
Mirror Adjustment Driver must understand how to check & adjust the vehicle’s mirrors during pre-trip.
One Standard of Conduct

CORE module-02-one-standard-of-conduct

Understand the company’s One Standard of Conduct and how it applies to decision making.
Cab Entry/Exit Know how to properly get in and out of truck. (Always using 3 points of contact).