Introduction to Training

Meet & Greet

Trainer & Student Biography

Welcome to Knight Transportation (Student Packet)

Attitude by Charles Swindoll

House Rules

Bentley’s Rules

Training Relationship

Student Upgrade / Testing Out

Program Overview


  • To ensure consistency in the training program resulting in Quality Drivers who are conscious of Safety and ready to become Valuable members of the Knight team.

Knight Team Rules

The Basics

Training Sequence

Safety and Retention


Core Proficiencies

4 Week Training Modules 1-23-19 excel

Modified Training Modules 1-23-19 excel


Driver Portal

  • Computer Based Training Modules
  • Knight App
    • Payroll
    • Messages
    • Trips


  • Everyday
    • Review Training Modules & Student Competency Checklist (TM, PTDI)
    • BTW Log
    • Trainers’ Notebook
  • Every Week
    • Initial Training Modules & Student Competency Checklist (TM, PTDI)
  • End of Second week
    • Go to Super Solo status (If both are comfortable)


Tips For Living on a Truck




The Life Cycle of a Load

EVIR / PM Inspections / Roadside Inspections

Life Skills

  • True Colors / Personality Types
    • Green / Orange / Gold / Blue
    • Lion / Otter / Retriever / Beaver
    • Captain / Social Director / Navigator / Steward
  • Drive Through Listening
  • 5 Languages of Appreciation
  • 5 Levels of Communication
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Who Moved the Cheese?


Student Packet

Student Welcome

Daily To Do

PM Schedule

Backing Routing Scaling

Hours of Service

ETA Worksheet

BTW Log Recap

Recap Instructions

Custom Forms

  • Trip Record
  • Weekly Load Record
  • Monthly Load Recap

Company Forms

  • Trip Sheets
  • Delivery Receipts
  • EFS Checks
  • Paper Logs

Company Student Packet

  • New Driver Recap
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • Backing
  • Mountain Driving Skills
  • Trainer Evaluation