A trucking monk?? What’s that all about? As a monk of old would spend his day working and meditating on God, so My goal is to do the same.

My name is John and I’m…uhh never mind how old. Suffice to say I’ve been traveling this world for several decades. I’ve been married to Lynn for over 3 decades now and we are still honeymooning. As a long haul truck driver with nearly 2 decades of experience we know how to be apart and how to enjoy our time together. Our 2 boys are grown and living their lives, Dustin is a soldier and Brendon is a regional trucker.

Raised in the Baptist church and saved when I was 4 or 5, I have spent my entire life in one congregation or another. I did the usual rebellion as a teen, though not as bad as some. Spent my 20’s being a proper hypocritical pharisee, not able to see how truly repugnant I was to to everyone including God. At the tender age of 31, God brought me to my knees by almost taking my family from me through an impending divorce. Several years later we emerged in love again and God had rebuilt me into a man (still with too many flaws).

I still struggle to remember who is in charge of this life, but praise God, He wins (usually).

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