Every Day Proficiencies

 Performance Skill  Proficiency Expectation
Operation – Understand & Properly use Vehicle and Control Systems

PTDI 01-read-and-interpret-control-systems

PTDI 03-exercise-basic-control

Understand the basic function of the vehicle and control systems and be able to communicate issues to driver managers, safety managers and shop managers.

PTDI 04-execute-shifting

Use double clutching procedures, use proper shifting techniques for up/down shifting  at recommended RPM’s, and select  proper gear when descending a grade.
Hazard Awareness/Safety Proficiency

CORE module-01-safety-proficiency-hazard-awareness

PTDI 13-identify-potential-driving-hazards-and-perform-emergency-maneuvers

PTDI 14-identify-and-adjust-to-difficult-and-extreme-driving-conditions

Learn and implement the fundamental principle for being safe, which is to identify potential hazards associated with the performance of your job and taking the necessary action to either 1) eliminate the hazard or; 2) minimize the hazard.
Driver Portal/Paperwork

CORE module-03-driver-app-driver-portal-paperwork-and-payroll

PTDI 15-handle-and-document-cargo

Effectively navigate driver portal, properly fill out and use Transflo machine to submit paperwork.
Trip Planning/Time Management

CORE module-04-mapping-route-planning-and-time-management

PTDI 18-plan-trips-and-make-appropriate-decisions

Plan trips in advance of starting the trip. Must account for breaks, sleep, permits, money, fuel, weather, etc.
Pre-trip Inspection

CORE module-05-pre-trip-inspections

PTDI 02-perform-vehicle-inspections

Demonstrate a thorough pre-trip inspection and complete electronic inspection forms.
Accident Avoidance/Smith System

CORE module-06-smith-system

PTDI 08-perform-visual-search

PTDI 09-manage-and-adjust-vehicle-speed

PTDI 10-manage-and-adjust-vehicle-space-relations

Use Smith System principles in daily driving and be able to take appropriate actions before dangers develop into an emergency.
Fatigue Management

CORE module-07-avoiding-major-crashes-fatigue-management

Know the main causes and signs of fatigue, how to manage fatigue and when to stop and sleep.
Distracted Driving

CORE module-08-avoiding-major-crashes-distracted-driving

Learn and understand the three main types of distractions, their primary causes and best methods for eliminating distractions.
Following Distance

CORE module-09-avoiding-major-crashes-following-distance

Properly manage following distance required for safe vehicle operation and understand purpose and functionality of truck equipped Following Distance Monitoring Technology.
Speed for Conditions

CORE module-10-avoiding-major-crashes-speed-for-conditions

Follow speed limits and adjust speed appropriately for various road/weather conditions encountered.
Lane Changes

CORE module-12-lane-changes

Be able to consistently take the correct steps for making a safe lane change.

CORE module-14-production

Know how to achieve daily, safe production goals.
Professional Conduct/Customer Service

CORE module-15-customer-service

PTDI 19-use-effective-communication-and-public-relations-skills

Be professional in both appearance and conduct and how to provide good customer service.  Always involve driver manager in situations that require attention of Mgmnt.
Equipment Care and Maintenance

CORE module-16-equipment-care-and-maintenance

PTDI 11-check-and-maintain-vehicle-systems-components

Be able to describe tractor/trailer preventive maintenance intervals and understand requirement to report new damage to claims dept immediately.

CORE module-17-csa


Have a basic understanding of CSA, most common violations and their causes, and how violations can be eliminated.
Electronic Logs

CORE module-18-hoslogs

PTDI 21-record-and-maintain-hours-of-service-requirements


Understand the hours-of-service rules and importance of avoiding violations. Must know how to access, read, interpret and manage electronic logs.
Fuel Economy

CORE module-19-fuel-economy

Understand company’s policies on fuel management, techniques to achieve MPG goals and how to earn quarterly fuel bonus.

CORE module-12-lane-changes

Understand all of the fundamentals of setting up a turn safely.