Birthdays and Visions

Another trip around the sun is in the books… Birthdays are God’s gift to us!

A time to reflect on and enjoy the people and things He has loaned me. A time to redirect and rediscover where He is leading me.

Last year I was driving over the road and training new drivers, gone from home and those I love most for many weeks at a time. Each hometime was increasingly more difficult to return to the truck. And it seemed as though that would be our life for the foreseeable future.

Then seemingly out of the blue, I was offered a local job that met all my needs (and they are high!). Now I’m home every night and weekend, and able to find my place in community again.

We’re in a new church where I’m able to serve and learn. I’m part of a small group where we’re learning to be God’s men. I’m able to attend other groups and events I’ve missed in the past.

Perhaps most importantly, God is shaping in me a vision and a calling to ministry. Whether official or not, paid or not, I dont know yet. Helping people find God and His holiness and wholeness in Him is what is important to me.

But I have no training, no education in this area, at least officially. So… I’m going back to school. But at 56 it makes absolutely no sense to me to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a degree from a government certified school, when all I really need is the training.

Therefore I have enrolled in a Bible College that seems to fit my needs;

Christian Leaders Institute

  • Online and self-paced, it suits my schedule.
  • Inexpensive, it suits my budget.
  • Video lectures and intensive reading, it suits my learning style.

The only thing lacking is a serious writing component, but I’ve found several good resources online and will work on my writing through this blog.

I would appreciate any prayers, encouragement, and advice my friends would care to send my way.

God’s peace on you all.