An Open Letter To My Sons

My sons, I am sorry. Forgive me. I have not been the father that God wanted me to be.

I raised you in the faith to know the Truth of God, while living (especially in your early years) a hypocritical life of anger and self interest. I fear you learned too well the lessons I taught then that faith has no meaning outside the church walls.

I taught you to think for yourself and to not be overly concerned with what others thought. I fear I failed to teach you a godly respect for tradition and a respect for healthy community.

As I have matured in my faith and walk with the Lord, I have learned the benefit of living a life in harmony with His word.

I pray, my sons, that you will learn that lesson much sooner than I have, and will place your heart, mind, spirit, and soul on His altar.

Give up the need to be right. Give up the need to be a lone wolf. Give up chasing after worldly pleasures that satisfy for such a short time, if indeed at all.

Chase after the Truth.

Chase after God, and He will find you.

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