Choking on Air

We all know the story of the kid who wants to get his own way and threatens to ‘hold my breath until I die’ (some of us even tried it! ). How well did that work out for him?  It didn’t work because as soon as he gave up (or passed out), nature took over and the air that surrounds us all filled his lungs and revived him.

The Spirit of God surrounds every one of us like air surrounds our bodies. If we are His followers then His Spirit fills our spirit also. His Presence will work in us, pruning out harmful things and producing in us a crop of beauty and wholesomeness.

So why are there so many Christians who don’t show the fruit of His Spirit?

Are we:
Loving or Self-Centered?
Joyful or Dour?
Peaceful or full of Strife?
Patient or Angry?
Kind or Mean?
Wholesome or Vile?
Faithfull or Wayward?
Gentle or Harsh?
Self-Controlled or Uncontrolled?

The boy is full of life and energetic when he is breathing,  but when he chooses to selfishly demand his own way he loses the benefit of the life giving air all around him.

In the same way, when we selfishly demand to do things our way,  we lose the help that is available from the Spirit. But as we immerse our self in the Spirit, He begins to change all the unhealthy, destructive habits and thoughts into ones patterned after Jesus’ own way of being.

Unlike the boy, who doesn’t have a choice about breathing after a time when his body overrides his will, God will let us ignore Him for as long as we choose, to our own detriment.

May we choose to stop being brats who foolishly stomp around, choking on air, who choose instead to bask in God’s glorious Presence and allow Him to heal us.

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