Twelve Words

Some say understanding Christianity is difficult.


Here are twelve words that outline the faith. 

1. Creation – God made all things good. 

2. Rebellion – Man chose himself above God thus destroying the perfect creation and his relationship with God. 

3. Sacrifice – God requires a sacrifice to heal the broken relationship. 

4. Jesus – The ultimate and final sacrifice. 

5. Faith – Believing and accepting Jesus’ sacrifice.

6. Washing – Repentance (abandoning our rebellion) symbolized by baptism. 

7. Holiness – A life changed and now lived for God. 

8. Remembrance – Celebration at the Lord’s Table of Jesus’ sacrifice.

9. Love – Love God and follow His decrees, and love other people as you love yourself. 

10. Proclamation – Telling others who God is and what Jesus has done. 

11. Hope – Looking forward to the day that all will be made right. 

12. Mystery – We will never fully understand who God is and what He has done and is doing.

These are so simple even a child can grasp them. Of course, to fully understand each of them would require years of study. And therein is the beauty. From the cradle to the grave we never stop exploring His word and discovering new insights that draw us inevitably closer to Him. 

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