Choose Wisely

Recently, I was asked by a small group leader to rate my level of confidence in Jesus and salvation with a number from 0 to 100.

After mulling it over for a few minutes, I answered 99.99, with the explanation that while I do indeed believe completely that He is real, and that the Bible is true, I must leave open the miniscule possibility that I could be wrong.

My friend (the leader) suggested that I read ‘Faith and Doubt’ by John Ortberg. That it would help alleviate some of the doubts about having doubts. He was correct. I’m only two chapters into the book and I feel the weight I have secretly carried from the nagging doubts lifting.
From the book:

“Pascal said…evidence alone cannot clearly indicate that God does or does not exist. However, we must choose whether we will seek him. Not to choose is its own choice. Your wager began the moment you were born. You were “launched.” You will bet your life one way or the other. God either exists or he does not. Heads or tails—no third option. If God does not exist, we lose a life devoted to seeking to love, to live generously, to speak truth, and to do justice. But if God does exist, and we choose not to follow him, we lose everything.”

So I would like to change my answer… with an explanation:

I will believe in God, Jesus, His salvation, and the Truth of the Bible with every fiber of my being, heart and soul, mind and strength, lock, stock, and barrel….

I will live as though Jesus is real and lives within me….

I will seek to obey the principles found in the Bible, and follow the teachings found within it…

And even if it turns out I was wrong,  I win.

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