The Best Christmas Ever

It’s Christmas time again. The time of love and joy and peace. Yet my heart is breaking.

We celebrate the baby in the manger, but ignore the sacrifice on the cross. We sing about wise men bringing Him gifts, but are not wise enough to give Him the gift of ourselves. We love the picture of the shepherds in the fields, but refuse to acknowledge Him as our shepherd.

My heart breaks when I see the multitude of people living lives of quiet desperation, not realizing (or accepting) that the ruts they’re in leads to an eternity in hell apart from God. My Facebook feed is filled with posts by people living their lives apart from the Christ that we celebrate this season. That baby in the manger grew up to say He was “the way, the truth, and the life”, and that “no one can see God without Him”.

I know we live in a multicultural and pluralistic world. The highest virtue is to ‘do your own thing and believe your own truth. God says “there is a way that seems right to a man, but that way leads to destruction’. The greatest sin in our culture is telling another person they are wrong. Jesus, according to most people, is the greatest sinner, for He demands that He is the only one that is right and expects obedience.

My heart breaks when I realize that God has said that one day every knee will bow to Him, some in love and reverence, most in fear and revulsion. The ones who love him and choose Him in this life will be welcomed into His presence to life eternal. The rest will be sent away from Him, in pain and suffering, the second death.

It’s been 2000 years since Jesus was born, lived, and taught, then was crucified to save us from sin, rose again from death, and returned to heaven. But He said He’d return to set all things right. He patiently waits through all the sins, and pain, and evil, hoping that some will answer His call.

But He will not wait forever. The day of reckoning is coming. Certainly YOUR day of reckoning is coming. For each one of us that reckoning comes at our passing from this life. And that could happen any day.

So make this a Christmas to remember. If you’ve never investigated the claims of Jesus or never believed Him to be true I beg you for your sake to do so. Send me a message, let’s talk.

Make this the Christmas you celebrate His birth and your rebirth.

If you’re a believer, but have let the cares of this world and the pleasures and pressure of this life pull you away; If you look at your life and can’t see any difference from an unbeliever, you know what to do.

Come back to Him, He’s waiting.

Make this the best Christmas ever

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