Bentley’s Rules

  • Welcome to my home!
  • Barks happen. Anytime. At anything. Or at nothing.
  • I snore. And I make other noises. And smells.
  • I love food. Expect to share anything you have or face the sad puppy dog eyes.
  • A sniff test is mandatory. Especially when you’re returning from the truck stop.
  • There will be dog hair all over your stuff, But less on the top bunk.
  • I like to get out and smell the roses (and everything else) several times a day for a few minutes. Dad says it’s good to get out and stretch anyway!
  • To some people, I’m just a dog. But to dad I’m a short, furry child, and spoiled too!
  • If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.