Module 05: Pre-Trip Inspections

Module Objectives:

Trainee must be able to explain and demonstrate a thorough pre-trip inspection. Trainee must understand the company’s inspection expectations are as follows:

  1. Conduct a proper Pre-Trip inspection before operating any equipment.
  2. Submit a daily Electronic Inspection Report on all equipment operated.
  3. Notify the shop if they discover an item that is a safety issue or an OOS issue.  Refer to the Playbook for contact information.
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Ask trainee if he/she knows what the most common CSA violations are.


CSA = Compliance * Safety * Accountability

Most common CSA violations include:

  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Tires

State: Did you know that these most common violations are 100% preventable?

How can they be 100% preventable?   Answer: By doing Pre-Trip Inspections 100% of the time.





  • Define what is a proper pre-trip?  Why is this important?  Share with trainee either a personal experience or experience from someone you know about getting delayed at a scale for something that was OOS and how that affected you.



  •  Tell trainee how to conduct a proper pre-trip and have trainee repeat what he/she heard.
  • Show trainee how to do a proper pre-trip then have the trainee demonstrate what he/she just observed.  NOTE: Introduce the Zonar tablet first and demonstrate the use of the Tablet for the inspection.


  • Can also show the safety aspect with a video of a tire rolling down the road.  The tire has just come off a tractor/trailer.


Tire rolling down the road