Module 07: Avoiding Major Crashes-Fatigue Management

Module Objectives:

Understand the causes of fatigue, recognize the signs of fatigue and how to eliminate or minimize fatigue.

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Explain that fatigue is one of four main causes of major crashes. The other causes include distracted driving, following too close and improper speed for conditions.


**Trainer: This is a critical proficiency and should be covered in detail and reinforced throughout training


Ask trainee if he/she has ever driven while so tired that he/she either barely missed involvement in a major crash or was actually involved in one.


Fatigue can cause a major crash such that you or others can be seriously hurt or even killed. Since much of our time is spent driving, we need to be educated about fatigue, its causes, signs and ways to deal with it.








Trainer should lead discussion about fatigue.


Q. What are some primary causes of fatigue?


  • Inadequate/poor quality/irregular sleep,
  • Sickness,
  • Medications,
  • Untreated sleep disorders, etc.


Q. What are some signs of fatigue?


  • Feeling drowsy,
  • Fixed stare while driving,
  • Yawning or blinking frequently,
  • Unable to recall last few miles driven,
  • Drifting from lane or off roadway, etc.


Q. How do you minimize or eliminate fatigue?


  • First and foremost, get sufficient quality and quantity of sleep on a regular schedule as much as possible,
  • As much as possible, create a sleep environment where it’s cool, dark and quiet,
  • Don’t take medicines, including over-the-counter, that cause drowsiness (against the regulations),
  • Take a short rest break/nap when necessary
  • If you’re not sleeping well or always tired, consult a doctor




Share experiences about fatigue and how to manage it. This is a topic where experience in managing fatigue while working in this industry can be educational.


Review this topic midway through training after trainee has some experience. Ask what has been learned about fatigue and managing it and always making the right decision to not drive while fatigued.



Share our number 1 Safety Rule: As a Knight driver, you have the authority and responsibility to stop driving if you’re fatigued, too sick or weather too bad to drive, just call us if you’re going to be late to the customer.