Module 08: Avoiding Major Crashes-Distracted Driving

Module Objectives:

Be able to recognize distractions and react appropriately.

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Explain that distracted driving is one of four main causes of major crashes. The other causes include fatigue, following too close and improper speed for conditions.


**Trainer: This is a critical proficiency and should be covered in detail and reinforced throughout training


Explain that distracted driving is ANYTHING that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind of the task of driving.


When a driver is distracted, even for a second, he/she is at greater risk of a crash.






Ask trainee to identify some causes of distracted driving and which type of distraction it represents—see examples below:


  • Talking on cell phone (mind off task of driving)
  • Reaching for something (eyes off road, hand off wheel, mind off driving)
  • Texting (eyes off road, mind off driving, hand off wheel)—never text and drive-it’s against regulations and irresponsible
  • Thinking about home/personal problems (mind off driving)
  • Fatigue (mind off driving, even eyes off road)


Now, have trainee identify how to eliminate the list of distractions above:

  • Minimize talking on cell phone
  • Keep truck cab clean and keep anything you may need close
  • Never text and drive
  • Get regular and adequate sleep
  • Even though difficult to not think of issues at home, recognize the distraction those thoughts can be and keep to a minimum as much as possible
Anchor Trainer should share experiences and lessons learned about distracted driving. Does the trainee have experiences to share?


Apply Trainer should ask trainee to practice recognizing when something becomes a distraction and to immediately address it. This is something that can be reinforced throughout training.