Module 10: Avoiding Major Crashes-Speed for Conditions

Module Objectives:

Learn to always adjust speed for driving conditions.

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Explain that improper speed for conditions is one of four main causes of major crashes. The other causes include fatigue, distracted driving and following too close.


**Trainer: This is a critical safety proficiency and should be covered in detail and reinforced throughout training


Every kind of driving condition will be encountered as a professional driver. Learning to adjust speed for conditions such as heavy traffic, rain, wind, snow, ice, construction zones, mountains, etc., is crucial to crash prevention.


Proper speed for conditions works hand in hand with proper following distance to reduce the risk of a major crash.







While driving, go through a role playing exercise wherein you explain when and how much you adjust your speed for the various traffic conditions you encounter.


Reinforce rules for following distance and that following distance must increase, and speed must decrease when adverse or other difficult driving conditions exist.



Share any experiences when adjusting speed for conditions helped prevent a crash. Were other vehicles involved in a crash due to failing to adjust speed?  





While trainee is driving in one of the many adverse driving conditions that can exist, ask him/her to explain why speed needs to be adjusted and by how much. Incorporate discussion about following distance as well. Repeat this throughout training.