Module 13: Backing, close quarter maneuvering, avoiding fixed Objects

Module Objectives:

Teach trainee proven techniques for maneuvering/backing in close quarters so no crashes occur.

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**Trainer: Hitting fixed objects, especially while maneuvering in close quarters, is the most common crash of trainees. Regularly reinforce these techniques throughout training.


Review 3 steps for safely maneuvering in close quarters:

  1. PLANNING–make sure you’re taking the safest route to your destination (use map, call customer, etc.). DON’T use your phone GPS!
  2. HAZARD AWARENESS–assess hazards (G.O.A.L. and “look up”) before maneuvering and plan safest maneuver
  3. EXECUTION OF SKILLS—follow maneuvering plan and practice when possible

Have trainee repeat.





Demonstrate for your trainee the 3 steps for safely maneuvering in off road scenarios (i.e. truck stops)








Ensure trainee gets lots of practice with these 3 steps throughout training. Document at least 5 backing maneuvers each week.