Module 14: Production

Module Objectives:

Learn the techniques to maximize safe production

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Ask: What was your weekly schedule like before going to CDL school?


Ask: How do you think your weekly schedule will change as a professional truck driver?


State: you’re a responsible adult, wanting to make a living to support you and your family (if applicable). You make money by being productive and there are several things you must to do be productive.






The most productive drivers are productive because they set themselves up for their next load. Your production goal when solo is at least 450 safe miles/day.


Review key steps for being productive:

  • Start your week early by leaving early on Sunday
  • On Monday morning, be at the consignee with a full 14 hours available
  • Deliver on time or early-being late causes delays
  • Service your truck on time and inspect your equipment daily-breakdowns cause delays
  • Trip planning-plan route, where to fuel, where to sleep/take breaks, etc.
  • Don’t take excessively long breaks beyond 10 hours—manage your off duty time-get your sleep
  • Don’t turn down loads
  • Be flexible on your home time

Have trainee repeat.

Practice key steps for being productive throughout training.







Present bonus program money to be made at 450 safe  miles/day.

Review levels of pay increases when entering solo phase and post-squire graduation.

Talk about driver portal and viewing pay.

Apply Review driver portal and how to navigate. SHOW