Module 15: Customer Service

Module Objectives:

Improve and enhance relationships with the customers

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Ask why customer service is important to us as drivers and to the company?

  • Have loads to haul (MILES)
  • Customers pay the company so the company can pay us
  • Reputation of good service provider spreads, opening up opportunities for new customers and MILES




Ask trainee to explain his/her understanding of what is good customer service and bad customer service.


Explain that as drivers, we are the face of the company when we interact with customers.


Discuss elements of good customer service:

  • On time pickup and delivery
  • Damage free cargo
  • Professional appearance and communication (always polite)
  • Clean/damage free equipment
  • Communicating with Knight if going to be late BEFORE the appointment time


Ask what might be the difference in a customer’s response to being late if we communicate with them before the appointment time versus no communication?






Take turns sharing experiences of customer service you’ve received in your personal life that was good or bad, how you felt and the impact it had on your buying decision. Our customers go through a similar exercise based on the level of service we deliver.


Trainer/trainee should call their Driver Manager and have him/her conference on the call a Central Account Manager. Have the CAM explain what they go through when we don’t service freight and how it impacts our company.




Summarize by telling trainee how you provide good customer service and what you focus on.

Show trainee how you interact with a customer then have trainee, as much as possible, handle all customer interactions throughout the duration of training to master the process