Module 16: Equipment Care and Maintenance

Module Objectives:

Keep equipment safe, clean, and maintained.

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Discuss why we regularly maintain and care for our equipment:


Reasons to Maintain:

  • SAFETY: Prevents equipment related crashes
  • Prevents breakdown so you aren’t losing money
  • Reduces cost (road calls, etc.) to the company
  • Reduces CSA violations and citations- which can cost you money
  • Increases resale value of equipment


Equipment care/appearance:

Keeping outside/inside of truck clean as possible, including the dash. Important because: displays professionalism and pride, reduces flying objects in truck if have to hard brake, reduces chance of being flagged for inspection.


Review why equipment damage should be reported immediately, what damage needs to be reported and when to report.






Review PREVENTIVE maintenance intervals

Tractor Maintenance every 10,000 miles:

“A” service every 20,000 miles

“B” service every 40,000 miles

Road Ready service every 10,000 miles between “A” & “B” services


The DOT requires an annual inspection to be done each year on the tractor and trailer.  The inspection is validated with a sticker.  The tractor sticker is found inside the driver’s side bunk side box.  The trailer sticker is located on the nose of the trailer, by the glad hands.  Be sure check due dates for the annual inspection.


Trailer maintenance:

Service every 4 months

Reefer trailer:

Service every 4 months

Reefer unit–full service every 2,500 hrs or 1 yr, whichever occurs first


Additional driver preventive maintenance:

  • Conducting a thorough pre-trip inspection is a critical preventive maintenance step.
  • Anytime safety defects are noted, contact the shop immediately.
  • Before entering any scale house, stop in a safe place and inspect your equipment to ensure no equipment violations exist. Focus on TIRES, LIGHTS and BRAKES! You can’t afford CSA violations!


Review frequency of truck washes (every 2 weeks) and how to wash truck


Ensure trainee has 24/7 claims number




Explain how to read service stickers, how to schedule service, how to report equipment damage to claims and how to report break downs.

Have trainee repeat.



Show trainee service stickers on truck/trailer and how to read them, how to report equipment damage and report a breakdown

Show trainee how to schedule service