Module 18: HOS/Logs

Module Objectives:

Insure every trainee understands HOS regulations and becomes proficient in paper & electronic logs


  Description Media



Discuss why we have HOS rules and consequences of not following them:


Consequences of non-compliance:

  • fatigue caused crashes ( usually serious)
  • costly citations, CSA points
  • inefficiency due to being placed out of service
  • won’t be planned on best load if log is inaccurate





Review HOS rules, off-duty driving rules, and #1 safety rule: you can shut down if too fatigued or sick or severe weather, just call us!  




Familiarize trainee with Zonar unit and explain each function


In case electronic logs fail, discuss procedures for using paper logs and how to fill them out


Have trainee repeat.




Show trainee how to fill out paper log using the Zonar log as a model, then have trainee do the same SHOW