03 Exercise Basic Control

Performance Skill Standard:

Conditions of Performance:

  • Given a typical tractor-trailer rig with at least a 15,000-lb. load, a typical road surface, and a trip to make…

Statement of Work to be performed:

  • …The driver will start, move (drive), and steer the tractor-trailer.

Performance Criteria:

  • Start and drive tractor trailer such that he/she scores acceptable proficiency rating on an operational checklist for basic controls in areas such as executing sharp left and right turns, centering the vehicle, and maneuvering in restricted areas
  • Keep rig in center of traffic lane
  • Avoid obstacles on both sides, front, and back
  • Achieve smooth and effective acceleration and stopping
  • Position rig to begin and complete turns in lane

Performance Elements and Assessment Criteria:

  • Get into cab, adjust seat, and fasten seat belt.
  • Start, warm up, cool down, and shut off engine.
  • Get out and check position for obstructions, position, and paths or use appropriate spotters with clearly understood signals.
  • Judge path and clearances of trailer.
  • Activate warning flashers prior to moving into reverse gear. Tap horn periodically if tractor does not have a back-up alarm. (Keep window open and radio off.)
  • Position vehicle correctly before beginning a backing/docking maneuver.
  • Execute reverse steering of an articulated vehicle.
  • Back slowly (using idle speed) in straight and curved lines.
  • Constantly check on both sides and to the rear when backing – look in mirrors; watch for things that could tilt trailer; watch for overhead obstructions; watch behind tractor tires.
  • Pull up and start over when necessary
  • Park trailer in jackknife and parallel positions.
  • Parallel park rig.
  • Use and adjust for sliding tandems on trailers.