04 Execute Shifting

Performance Skill Standard:

Conditions of Performance:

  • Given a multi-speed, dual range Eaton Autoshift transmission and any number of driving conditions (traffic, terrain, speed, and highway conditions)…

Statement of Work to be performed:

  • … The driver will execute proper up and down shifting technique.

Performance Criteria:

  • Match shifting to engine needs and safe operations for road conditions. Shift smoothly to protect equipment. (Use controls to properly operate transmission under all conditions.)
  • Shift to maximize fuel efficiency.

Performance Elements and Assessment Criteria:

  • Shift up and down through all gears of multi-speed, dual range transmissions. (Use manual control).
  • Double clutch and time shift for smooth and fuel-efficient performance.
  • Select proper gear for speed, terrain, turns, and highway conditions. (Select manual control as needed).
  • Avoid riding the clutch.
  • Demonstrate progressive shifting technique.
  • Demonstrate and explain skip shifting.
  • Demonstrate proper gear recovery.
  • Demonstrate how to stop in any gear.