09 Manage and Adjust Vehicle Speed

Performance Skill Standard:

Conditions of Performance:

  • Given a tractor-trailer truck, a trip, and a route with varying conditions…

Statement of Work to be performed:

  • …The driver will read/identify conditions, adjust speed, and manage speed effectively in response to various road, weather, and traffic conditions.

Performance Criteria:

  • Adjust speed correctly to the configuration and condition of the roadway; weather and visibility conditions; traffic conditions; and vehicle, cargo, and driver conditions.
  • Maintain ramp speed 10 mph below posted speed, under ideal conditions.
  • Obey the legal speed limit.
  • Drive at speeds appropriate to road condition and necessary stopping distances.

Performance Elements and Assessment Criteria:

  • Judge maximum safe speed at which a curve and on/off ramps can be entered and adjust speed to under maximum.
  • Obey speed limit.
  • Maintain proper speed to manage the space around the truck from other vehicles.
  • Judge maximum safe speed that traction will permit and adjust speed accordingly.
  • Recognize and interpret all types of driving conditions and road surfaces.
  • Judge and adjust maximum safe speed at which vehicle control can be maintained under traffic conditions, crosswinds, road conditions, weather conditions, and limited visibility.