12 Diagnose and Report Malfunctions

Performance Skill Standard:

Conditions of Performance:

  • Given a typical tractor-trailer rig and either a description of problem symptoms or actual symptoms of poor performance…

Statement of Work to be Performed:

  • …The driver will troubleshoot symptoms, identify vehicle malfunctions, and report problem.

Performance Criteria:

  • Identify symptom and vehicle systems and match symptom to likely problem.
  • Troubleshoot/identify problem, and/or identify if a problem exists.
  • Report problem accurately and according to guidelines.
  • Fix problems within jurisdiction of driver, as described by company policy and regulation.

Performance Elements and Assessment Criteria:

  • Check each component and vehicle system. Identify vehicle systems or components that are functioning properly, are in imminent danger of failing, or functioning improperly.
  • Identify and interpret symptoms of malfunction.
  • Match symptom to possible list of problems.
  • Describe symptoms of improper operation completely and accurately to maintenance personnel.
  • Correct problems within jurisdiction.
  • Avoid attempting to perform maintenance for which driver is unqualified.
  • Properly report breakdowns occurring en route.
  • Properly complete a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR).