15 Handle and Document Cargo

Performance Skill Standard:

Conditions of Performance:

  • Given typical trailer, a typical load, and a bill of lading or cargo list…

Statement of Work to be performed:

  • …The driver will perform all cargo handling safely and documentation procedures accurately.

Performance Criteria:

  • Verify nature, amount, and condition of cargo on both pick-up and delivery.
  • Verify load is distributed and tied down correctly to meet legal and safety requirements.
  • Verify information on bill of lading and properly record and report discrepancies and damage to the cargo.
  • Obtain appropriate signatures on delivery receipts and other required forms.
  • Properly prepare a manifest.
  • Move heavy loads safely, as verified by a performance test.
  • Obtain hazardous materials endorsement prior to carrying hazardous materials.

Performance Elements and Assessment Criteria:

  • Prepare manifest, as required.
  • Verify cargo types, nature, amount, and condition on pick-up and delivery.
  • Verify seals, if used.
  • Cover cargo, as necessary.
  • Obtain appropriate signatures.
  • Verify information on bill of lading and properly record/report discrepancies and damage.
  • Verify that load distribution on trailer fits within regulations.
  • Verify that placards match load and meet r3egulations; correct placards, as necessary.
  • Safely operate common types of cargo handling equipment.
  • Select proper sixes of chain, cable, nylon webbing, steel strapping, or rope.
  • Secure load with chains, cables, webbing, or strapping and correctly use the binding system.
  • Block and brace cargo properly.
  • Stop to inspect cargo, according to regulations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of proper lifting techniques required to safely load and unload cargo.