16 Deal with Accident Scene and Reporting Procedures

Performance Skill Standard:

Conditions of Performance:

  • Given an accident on the road…

Statement of Work to be performed:

  • …The driver will follow safe and legal procedures at an accident scene, and properly report accidents

Performance Criteria:

  • Understand and explain proper accident procedures. Among the topics to include are:
    • Getting assistance.
    • Guarding the scene of an accident to prevent further injury or damage.
    • Obtain all information needed for accident reports to law enforcement, the employer, and the insurance company.
    • Rendering assistance to any injured parties, including providing first aid, provided he/she has had Proper training.
    • Extinguish fires which include cargo, engine, electrical, and tire fires.
    • Discussing liability only with law enforcement, the company, or their representative.

Performance Elements and Assessment Criteria:

  • Stop and park truck in safe location.
  • Notify police; call for assistance; place warning devices.
  • Apply first aid and CPR procedures as necessary especially in relation to shock, resuscitation, and stopping bleeding
  • Protect injured persons from other except from trained emergency personnel. 5. Choose and operate fire extinguishers correctly.
  • Protect self from blood-borne pathogens.
  • Direct traffic, as necessary.
  • Obtain information for accident reporting, including photographs.
  • Discuss accident details only with appropriate officials.
  • Make sure any truck cargo that is spilled is cleaned up. Arrange for cleanup as necessary. If hazardous materials are involved, call appropriate authorities.
  • Stay at scene until law enforcement and company say it is okay to leave.
  • Follow company policy and procedure on issues involving accidents.