Testing Out / Upgrade

Your training will consist of at least 28 days (about 8,000 to 10,000 miles) of Behind the Wheel (BTW) driving, as well as training on company policies and procedures, logbook rules, and customer and public relations.

During your first 2 weeks, you will do almost all the driving, while I coach from the passenger seat. You will learn paperwork and customer relations, truck operations and trip planning.

During your second 2 weeks we will both drive although you will still do most of the driving. You will polish your skills and finish learning procedures, so that, by the time you upgrade at around 4 weeks, you will be able to competently operate your own truck.

(Occasionally, a student is seated as a modified student. This means the time required to test out is shortened and the goals of the training are also modified. Instead of focusing on teaching the entire skill set starting from the beginning, my job is more to verify what you do know, fill in any gaps in your training, and help you to polish your skills.)

I will always be there to help you, but as you learn and are more able, I will give less input and let you do things by yourself.


Student Checklist

Written Test

Skills Test

  • Pretrip
  • Couple / Uncouple
  • Backing
  • Road

Student’s Evaluation of Trainer