We the People

Many of my friends may wonder  how I can post things about Christ, love, peace, and hope and also the things I do about weapons and defense and politics.

First and foremost I am a follower of Christ.  As such I accept the bible and its teaching as the way to learn who God is and what He wants from and for me. In the bible I find distinctions between how God expects me to act as an individual and the responsibilities of government.

I am told to forgive offenses. I am told to not seek vengeance or punishment. I am told to care for and defend those who are powerless to help themselves (including my family). Implicit in that command is the ability to defend myself if necessary; for how can I help others if I’m not there?

Government is ordained by God to protect the people, administer justice (including punishment), and maintain peace and order. While the values and the methods of the person and the government overlap, they are in no way identical.

Second, I am an American and in our system of government, I and my fellow citizens ARE the government.  We deed our authority to our leaders only so far as they govern within set limits and in the best interest of the people.

We the people absolutely retain the right abolish any given administration given just cause to do so. By vote if possible, by force if necessary.

The problem in our country currently is that we the people seem to be evenly split between (among other things) a side who sees the government as the main cure for our problems and a side who sees the government as the main cause of our problems.

If we could agree to disagree then maybe we could work through to a solution to our problems.

But when either side uses the bully stick of government to force others to accept, condone, and especially support and finance actions and lifestyles with which they vehemently disagree there will inevitably be pushback and confrontation.

I hope and pray that the people of this country take a step back,  start using reason and discussion to effect change around us and stop running to the bully stick of the courts, the legislature, and the executive pen to enforce change.

I see a similarity between our time and the times leading up to our revolution and our civil war.  Both times were marked by groups who felt the status quo was fine and groups who felt change was needed. Both times were marked by an increasing tension between the groups and an inability or unwillingness to negotiate.  Both times were marked by an increasing use of governmental power.

We are on that road. God help us.

2 thoughts on “We the People

  1. If people on both sides could just talk and listen to each other and find ways to give and take without compromising core values … A very difficult path indeed but certainly better than the alternative. Well put, John.

    • A generating or two ago it was the conservatives who were using the bully stick and the liberals rose up and fought back politically. And the conservatives, rightly, backed down. Now it is the liberals who are using the bully stick and I don’t see any evidence of them backing down. The difference is the left used non violent protests to get their way. The right will not hesitate to use violence when they feel they can give no more. I am truly sure it is coming…and soon.

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